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Sico founded in 1977

The Union was formed on 1 January 2008, by a merger between Tjänstemannaförbundet HTF and SIF.

SICO are dedicated to protect members sporting, economic and social interests as workers and hockey player. SICO are also representing the players in their relationship to the employer, clubs/associations, their organizations (SHL and AHF) and to the Swedish Ice Hockey Association (SIF). SICO is also negotiating with SIF regarding compensation for international players.

The main task is to help individual players, which in one-way or another been wrongly treated by the club or a employer. It’s usually about unpaid wages or contract disputes of various kinds.

Since 1991 are SICO closely working with Unionen.

Unionen is representing hockey players who are members in Unionen and SICO regarding labor law issues.

28th October 1999 was the first collective agreement for ice hockey players in Sweden signed. The agreement was signed between Unionen/SICO and the employer alliance and the Swedish hockey league. See the specific details on our website.

SICO and Unionen also achieved a similar agreement for it’s members in Hockeyallsvenskan.