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Economy among teams and players

An average SHL team has an annual turnover of around 80-100 millions SEK with the lowest rate around 60 million.

The biggest SHL teams have a turnover of around 150 million SEK or more per year. Most of the players in SHL are professional, although some of them are studying or have another a part time job. Players’ salaries are on average approximately between 75000 and 90000 SEK per month. However, there are top players who earn both three and four times as much.

In Hockeyallsvenskan the turnovers varies a lot. The teams who are working hard to get promoted has an annual turnover of between 30-35 millions SEK. With other teams has a turnover of around 4-5 millions SEK.

The vast majority of players in Hockeyallsvenskan have a civilian job at the side of hockey. The best teams in Hockeyallsvenskan can offer player salaries between 40 000 – 60 000 per SEK per month. The average player salaries in Hockeyallsvenskan is 15 000 SEK per month.

In division one the majority of the players don’t have any wages. But some teams can offer players relatively good wages to players who have the ambition to play for a team in Hockeyallsvenskan or SHL.