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Swedish hockey series system

The Swedish league system is purely based on sporting grounds. This means that no club can buy themselves a place in any of the series, but must qualify by winning their series and advance in the league system.

This is similar to a pyramid with twelve elite teams in Swedish Hockey League (SHL). Below SHL are Hockeyallsvenskan and thereafter division one.

SHL and Hockeyallsvenskan (HHAB) operate centrally by the company who’s partly owned by the clubs currently playing there. Division one, and leagues below that, are all under Swedish Ice Hockey Association series system.

If someone wants to introduce a new team, it’s not possible to buy them a place in the league system. The team must first start in the lower league systems and then try to climb into the divisions by winning the leagues and play offs.

Swedish Sports Associations have no personal owners, a situation which, however, may change with the possibility to transform an association into a limited company. Members, who owns the association, chooses a board every year who are responsible for the association’s activities’ in both economic and sporting decisions.