Statement from Daniel Paille

“For those who have asked for an update on my status, I have been recovering but I am still experiencing symptoms from the injury. At this point I am not sure when exactly I will be able to return. I am in good care.

I am calling upon the CHL and parties involved to revise their exceedingly low penalty on the offending player and club, Adler Mannheim. This will demonstrate a high standard of player safety by enduring all players subjected to participate in these mandatory tournaments are safe from unnecessary violence in hockey. There is much awareness and research circulating about the long term effects of brain injury in sports and specifically surrounding concussions. Diminishing or dismissing recourse for these actions are unacceptable.

I encourage the IIHF to intervene in order for justice to be served with the player and the Adler Mannheim organization as well ensuring the CHL rules and regulations on player safety is of upmost and immediate priority.

The work around player safety in SHL have lowered suspension from hit to the head with up to 40% last season. Players show more respect for each other and have made me and other players feel safer in the game to make it a better working environment on the ice in Sweden, and if somebody crosses the line, they will get a proper sanction and fine by the sport.

An act of assault, whether it occurs in the general public or in a sports arena, is still assault. There needs to be consequential recourse in order to ensure this violent action is not repeated in the game.

If what happened to me can be used as an example to make the game of hockey safer for all players. It’s a move in the right direction.

I thank Brynäs IF, fans in Sweden, SICO and my agents at CAA Sports who are actively working towards appropriate recourse for the illegal blindside hit that occurred on Tuesday, November 7th during a CHL game in Sweden”.

Daniel Paille